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Michelle A. Galvis


Hera School co-founder Michelle is a first-generation American, who’s parents immigrated from Colombia over 35 years ago. Michelle was born and raised in San Jose, and is a graduate of Willow Glen High School. Michelle’s passion for aviation came later in life when she was introduced to flying by her uncle, George. One flight in a 1969 Cessna 150, and she was hooked! With that flight came her new found passion for aviation and a desire to share that passion with her community; thus the dream for Hera School was born!

George Rodriguez


Hera School co-founder George Rodrigruez, is the President of Bay Welders, Inc., and boasts over three decades of experience in the structural steel industry. George immigrated from Colombia over fifty years ago, and is a native Spanish speaker. George’s leadership has guided his company to remarkable success, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability. Beyond his business acumen, George is a passionate aviation enthusiast, which reflects his love for precision and innovation. In his free time, you can find George working on his swing at the golf course.

Adalia Herrera

Executive Director

Adalia is a San Jose local who graduated from San Jose State with her Bachelors in Public Health and a Minor in business. Raised by a single-mother who immigrated from Guatemala she is no stranger to the Hispanic culture. As someone who has lived in all parts of San Jose, she understands the socioeconomic challenges that exist within our communities. While she is new to the world of aviation, her main focus will be ensuring that Hera School is providing the safest and most-inclusive community outreach programs.

Alexandra Hames

Board Secretary

Alexandra serves as Secretary of the Board for Hera School. As a native Californian, Alex has lived in both the Bay Area and Central Valley, giving her a unique perspective on the individual needs of these communities. She brings her extensive background in business growth and development to Hera School. Her passion for outreach, along with her extensive professional experience will significantly contribute to uplifting the youth within our local communities and encourage them to expand their horizons in the world of aviation.

The Problem

Based on 2021 US Census data

Jobs for aircraft pilots have been increasing 3.5% annually, making it a growth career.


Only 7.2% of pilots are Hispanic
whereas Hispanics are 19% of the total US population.


Only 6.4% of pilots are women
whereas women are 50.5% of the total US population.


Only 0.4% of pilots are Hispanic women
whereas Hispanic women are 9.4% of the total US population.

Hera School is dedicated to addressing this specific Problem.

Target Communities

Youth, Ages 16-19

Our program will specifically target students in the immediate vicinity of the underserved community airport. We can offer these students a fully funded path to their Student Pilot Certificate (16) and Private Pilot Certificate (17-19).

Local Community, 20+

In addition to engaging local youth, Hera School is also focused on increasing engagement with adults 20+ within these communities. Members of our program will have access to the same resources as described for the youth, but prices are solely based on the cost of operation and instruction.


Our Donor Program provides members with access to our competitive rental, and instruction rates. Donors qualify for this program with a monthly (tax deductible) membership fee.


Donor Member Rates

Prices are subject to change

Monthly Membership: $150 (tax deductable to the extent allowed by law)

Rental Cessna 172: $130 / hour (fuel and airport fees not included)

Instruction: $65 /hour

Simulator Rental: $55 / hour

Growth Strategy

Rental Fleet

At this time we can provide flight training in (1) Cessna 172 and (1) FAA approved simulator. If there is significant engagement within our first six months, we intend to grow or KRHV fleet. In the meantime we have established a partnership with our neighboring part 141 flight school, Nice Air, and have been given permission to use their rental fleet if volume demands.

Fleet Expansion

We will market these rentals to the general public as another revenue stream fund our non-profit activities. intend expand this fleet other airports with a high demand for aircraft such as:

  • KPAO (Palo Alto)
  • KSQL (San Carlos)
  • KCCR (Concord)

Future Programs

At this time Hera School is proud to offer a fully funded path Private Pilot Certificate, but we won’t stop there! We would like additional ratings and such as:

  • Instrument Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial Pilot Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor

IFR = Instrument Flight Rules

Aviation Academy

In addition to offering Private Pilot Certificate (and more), we would like expand into other professions within the world of aviation:

  • A&P Apprenticeship
  • UAVs (drones)
  • Internships

A&P = Airframe and Powerplant

UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Student Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the critical importance of mental health across various sectors, including aviation and among our youth. It is imperative now, more than ever, to destigmatize discussions around mental health, provide accessible resources, and foster supportive environments. We believe by implementing regular check ins with a mental health professional, we can provide students with invaluable support. Therefore, Hera School is proud to offer our the students the volunteer service of licensed Psychotherapist Natalie Tracy.

Natalie Tracy, MA, AMFT

Natalie received her Bachelors in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, and Masters of Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of San Francisco. Natalie is fluent in Spanish and brings over 5 years of experience working with both the adult and youth population in community mental heath settings. Natalie is volunteering her time to assist youth in navigating their passion in aviation, ensuring their mental health is a top priority!

Student Services


Ensuring safe and reliable transportation for students to from our program, as well other school-related activities, is paramount their participation engagement.

After School

Hera School will offer students after school access to volunteer tutors, study hall, and snacks.

IT Resources

Electronic resources are vital to the success of students in school, and their flight training. With an electronic check in/out library, Hera School, is proud ensure have what they need for success!


Hera School, has partnered with, Patricia Posada, a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with offices in Santa Clara County, and Monterey to provide our students vocational counseling services such as:

  • Job Search
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interviews

Patricia is also fluent in Spanish, and a certified interpreter.


Michelle A. Galvis, Co-Founder & President
Phone: 1-408-421-4832 mobile

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