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Small Businesses.

Community Small Non-profits.

Individual Professional Portfolios.

Content focus instead of glamour and stylishness.

Timeless professional perspective rather than current trendiness.

Honestly, we are just boring suburban business folks that really have no clue about fashionable urban lifestyles.


You have worked hard and have a strong story to tell. Make your pages clear and concise.

Websites are full of claims. Differentiate yourself above other sites by substantiating claims with believable evidence.

Not everybody knows or appreciates what you do. Explain and demonstrate what you are about.

Some things are complex. Simplify their understanding with lucid diagrams.

We like to put ourselves in your site visitor's shoes and try and make their visit comfortable.


Minimize expensive informational calls. Describe your products and services in detail.

Streamline the purchase process. Help customers find what they need with the minimum of clicks.

Show customers how they can save money with you.

Price is important, but trust is even more important. Remove any perceived risk in doing business with you with clear information.

Maintenance & Updates

Small steady improvements to an existing site have less risk and lower cost than a full makeover.

Elementor based sites frequently break without you making any changes. The frequent security & feature updates often have unintended consequences. Often the fix is the conceptually simple but labor intensive "save as a template and reload the page".

Many maintenance tasks cannot be done by you or your web designer as they originate from outside. Someone just has to have the patience to sit on the phone and carefully explain the issue to nudge the hosting service, ISP or software vendor to make the fix on their end.

We keep our HTML, CSS & JS code clean, orderly, well formatted, and easy to read for efficient maintenance, troubleshooting and modification. Either by us later on or by anybody else.

Problems do not wait for business hours. We can provide reasonable response and support when you need it.

New products and service make a site exciting to revisit. We can add those to your existing site and clean up any old stuff without needing to change your existing design.

We suggest keeping up with the best practices of your industry. Always look for better ways to present from others in your field.


Given the choice, we recommend using GoDaddy. We use them and they have excellent customer service and usually responsive tech support. Too many problems with websites originate at the hosting level that cannot be solved by any web designer. You need good vendor tech support just to keep a site afloat. Their prices are also reasonable.

GoDaddy doesn't pay us to say that, but we just have had really good experiences with them (usually).

If you are starting a new website, we recommend staying with straight HTML (with CSS & JavaScript). While Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Wix, Elementor, etc. appear to get you started fast, they take longer to make changes (especially when you have a lot of content on a page) and have many more moving parts (plug-ins, themes, add-ons, etc.) that break often as any one of them does an update. In the every changing online security environment, updates are almost daily. Testing for all the different combinations of software parts prior to release of an update is impossible. As such, updates often break as many things as they fix. It becomes an endless cycle of whack-a-mole just to keep your site from breaking. Straight HTML is very stable and does not have such issues.

If you already using Elementor (which starts out free), make sure you pay for Elementor-Pro. You will need the tech support when stuff happens. Stuff always happens, and not even their tech support can fix everything. But you will need all the help you can get.

Frameworks and their templates are a half-way point between the complexity of an Elementor site and the simplicity of a pure HTML/CSS site. We mostly use the W3.CSS and Bootstrap frameworks because they are very well documented.

There are many wonderful stock image vendors with reasonable prices. But if you are on a budget, there are also many high-quality free-with-attribution images available. It often takes the same amount of research to find them as with pay-for sites. Attribution does not make your site look poor if it is done professionally. Almost all news magazines have photographer attributions beside each picture.

Images for common topics are easy to find in pay-for stock image sites. Images for more specialized fields take a bit more research to find. Sometimes one has to combine or modify images to get what you need.

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