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Cupertino Historical Society & Museum

Small Non-profit Organization

Cleanup and Expansion of an Existing Elementor site.
Steady transition from fluffy filler to compelling historical content.
Gradual addition of merchandise for sale.
Content development resources limits the growth of the site. Steady patient assistance in helping the volunteers understand what is feasible with a website.
Elementor landed up being so slow and buggy that the site was rewritten in clean HTML with a substantial speed up of loading.
Site contains many photos for historical record. Viewer access is maintained for all photos while keeping load times reasonable.

Hidden Histories Project

Individual Professional Portfolio

Greenfield Elementor site.
Assemblage of career accomplishments of a Japanese-American activist couple.
Patient assistance through the discovery of a web site's potential.

Accurate Control & Electrification

Small Business

Greenfield HTML/CSS site with W3.CSS framework.
Absorbed another brand name seamlessly into website while keeping original identity.
Manufacturers representative firm with a large number of OEM lines not uniformly available throughout it's territory. Created page for each territory state.
What exact products are available to be represented is not intuitively obvious or easy to discern from the OEM websites. Even the salespeople were confused. Explicitly enumerated each allowable OEM product by catageory.
Written product names are not standardized across OEMs. Illustrations of every product is used to greatly speed up selection/identification by customers, especially for enclosures.
Large OEM websites rarely have information designers need in one location. Gather as much OEM information on one page to facilitate the customer decision process.
There is no budget for professional stock photographs. Attractive high-quality free-with-attribution photos were utilized. Enhanced the professionalism by making the picture identification and relationship to the business an integral part of the attribution text. Customers said they enjoyed learning more about where the products were used while being inspired by the lush imagery.
The more difficult to explain system integration and services were demonstrated using custom diagrams as navigation/selection tools.

Albans Design

Individual Professional Portfolio

Greenfield HTML/CSS site with W3.CSS framework.
Designed to impress a very narrow target audience. Not a mass-appeal design.
All resumes are just claims. This portfolio site is meant to unquestionably prove claims with graphics that cannot be unseen.
Content continues to be developed going both forward and backward in time. Good content just takes time to create or even just to format properly for the web environment.

Friends of the Palo Alto Library

Small Non-profit Organization

Greenfield HTML/CSS site with W3.CSS framework.
Existing organization official website was in WordPress and logistically unable to manage a high volume of high resolution pictures that changed monthly.
The need for merchandise pictures was solved using minimal well-formatted HTML with an easy to change menu structure.
Long term identity color used since the days of print kept. Customers only really care about the picture content.
The long download time for the desired high-resolution pictures was mitigated by splitting content into many separate pages by subject.
Available merchandise is unknown until a few days before the monthly sale. A rapid site refresh process was developed.

Alam Accountancy Corporation

Small Business

Customer wanted their existing website refreshed.
Unfortunately, the pandemic has distracted the client from selecting/providing a few more pictures and details to complete the project.
The original website used the Bootstrap framework. The new site kept the same framework but used a new template the customer selected.

Hera School

Small Non-profit Organization

Customer was a new organization that needed a website quickly to establish credibility and get the message out.
Initial website was created from a short initial pitch deck and some quick guidance from the customer in two weeks, just in time for a important outreach meeting.
Website uses clean HTML with two simultaneous frameworks, W3.CSS and Bootstrap, utilizing the strengths of each.

Located in Sunnyvale, California

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