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Little things we have done with webpages that we could adapt to suit your needs.

Bespoke Portals

Often a small business is distributing items from one or more larger businesses. The larger businesses have full eCommerce sites but customizing them to your needs is impossible and your customers find navigating them a royal pain. To make your own eCommerce site is expensive and time consuming. In some cases you can make a simple HTML/CSS/SVG front end without any back-end database or coding. Not every website problem requires a full blown coding project. You might have to compromise on a few things, but you can be up and running in days and the price will be right. See a proof of concept example portal we created.

After you make a fortune with it, you are always welcome to come talk to us about your own eCommerce back-end.

Flashcards with sound

Gamification is where you try and create a similar experience what is experienced when playing games in order engage site visitors. One can sometimes use a quiz format to help visitors learn something about your organization. In our example we were looking for a way to do this simply with the minimum of coding and complexity. We did also want to add and audio component because the pronunciation of the answer was a key part of the knowledge we wanted to impart. If you can be a bit flexible with your requirements, there are often quite simple but powerful solutions available in the HTML world.

Smart Map Layers

We noticed that an existing map on a related project website did not have much information to assist visitors in locating their most basic needs when in an unfamiliar neighborhood. To fix that we started to make some more detailed maps. Soon it became clear that all the information being put on one map would be very cluttered. It also landed up that looking at one kind of information nullified the need for other information. More specifically, if one came by public transit, one had no need to know about parking. We put all the information on different layers and toggled them on and off with selector buttons. With a very small amount of JavaScript we could also build in logic that turned off one layer when another layer was turned on. This very simple web page design was able to replace a lot of difficult coding if done in more conventional ways pulling images from a database on the back end. We prefer simple wherever possible. See a proof of concept smart layered map we created.

Diagram Navigation

Sometimes you want to show many options, but are afraid that a pull down text menu or other conventional structure will bore or confuse your visitors. An alternative would be to use a diagram that shows how the big picture of what is being offered and then allow the visitor to click on parts of the picture to be taken to pages that explain that choice. We had a situation where several vendors offered a wide (and confusing) variety of services to a a client environment. We made a conceptual diagram of the ecosystem, and linked each service offering to a place in the diagram that was appropriate. It is simple to do, especially with an SVG image, and makes navigation of services easier to understand and maybe even more fun.

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